Curly hair.



I have recently decided to stop straightening my hair and let it curl since I have naturally curly hair. I was straightening it since my elementary school I think, because I did not like it (probably like many other girls that have curls but want their hair straight or the other way around :) ) I know it´s stupid but that is how I felt. I was in a war with my hair since I can remember and tried so many different hairstyles and colors but never liked it. So I decided to love my hair just the way it is…..finally right? :) I had to cut it very short because it was so damaged from all the heat and coloring and now I fell like a poodle..heheh. I´m thinking of letting it grow and have the length like the girl in the picture on top of the post. What do you think? I just can´t decide on the color. I love my blonde hair right now but that means damaging it over and over again with coloring. Do you have any suggestions on how to dye it without damaging it so much and not have an ugly yellow hair?

Od potovanja v Maroko sm se odločila, da si neham ravnat moje boge laske :) Tko sm se trudila skrit moje uničene kodre z ravnanjem, da večina sploh ni vedla, da mam naravno skodrane lase. Vem da je blo butast od mene, da sm si jih skos ravnala, sam mislm da se dost punc lahko najde v tem (se mi zdi da je vedno tko, da če mas skodrane lase hočš ravne in obratno). Zamenjala sm že tolk enih barv pa oblik da ne znam naštet, sam nikol nism bla zadovoljna z mojim sračjim gnezdom na glavi…heheheh :) Zdej sm pa rekla da mam dost in da bom mela rada to kar mam! Sicer zdej čakam, da se odločjo mal zrast glede na to, da sm mogla kr neki uničenih las odstrižt in sm k pudlčk :) :) Edin kar sm še neodločena je barva…. ne morm se odločt al pustim naravno barvo al naj sam dodajam blond pramenčke. Kaj pravte? :)




Love, Nastja  ♥


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4 thoughts on “Curly hair.”

  1. Love your naturally curly hair!! And I think you have to give your hair a rest from the dyes before colouring it again. Maybe after a few months if you still want to colour it, try olaplex.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :) It´s not really me on this photo since I really look like a poodle right now and I´m kind of shy to take pictures right now :) But I´ll gather all my curage and take a selfie or two to show you how I look :)


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