Hey guys :) How are you doing on this lazy Sunday? :) I was actually quite productive today. We woke up at about 8:30, I just had a jogutr for breakfast today, witch is wierd for me because I´m usually very hungry in the morning, but today I didn´t feel like eating anything. I prepared my gym bag and went to ˝my˝ gym :) ( I started calling it my gym, because I´m there all the time..haha. I work there- finally , and I workout there :P ) I was there for about and hour and a half and then made us a lunch. But now I need to study so enought of writting and more learning :P Bye bye


Hei hei :) Upam, da uživate na tole ne glih najlepšo in zaspano nedeljo :P Jst sm bla kr fajn zabezecana…hehe. Zjutri sva ustala okol pol devetih, kar pomeni da sm se kr naspala glede na to da sm šla učeri spat s kurami :P Pol sm pojedla en jogurtk in šibala na fitnes pogledat kaj je kej novga :P Sej ne, da si ubistvu lahko kr en turbo maksimus prnesem tja. Glede na to, da sm končno začela tam delat in da še takrat k ne delam visim na fitnesu! Ah ja…dost nakladanja pa za knjige sedet.


tvit pint f email

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